TransCold Distribution Ltd is a leader in full-service
Direct Store Delivery

TransCold offers a vast selection of quality products, competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service.  With over 30 years in the business, we offer significant product and industry expertise and actively partner with our customers to understand and address their needs.

TransCold Values the importance of customer service and in actively partnering with our customers and we pride ourselves in providing the best possible service to our convenience and grocery store clientele.

We provide professionally trained, courteous Route Driver/Sales Merchandisers who will visit your store on a scheduled basis. They will service and defrost your freezers as needed, deliver, restock and rotate product, merchandise and place (POS) point of sale items as needed.


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Official Distributor of North Americas Largest Brands

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Best Brands. Best Service.

The TransCold Distribution delivery standard…

TransCold Distribution’s highly trained, certified and professional delivery staff is committed to the highest level of service to all of our customers – polite, responsive, timely and safe is the attitude TransCold’s staff upholds.

Clean late-model, Eco-friendly trucks are the new precedent for TransCold’s logistical team. Our fleet carries a variety of delivery options and truck sizes; making no customer unreachable. From our point of sale peddle trucks, to 5-ton delivery units and 52 foot trailers – TransCold sets the industry standard for reliability and flexibility.

TransCold Distribution is committed to a “greener” future and understands the importance of a continued, growing effort to be Eco-friendly in our operations.

We understand the importance of conducting business in a Eco-friendly and sustainable way
TransCold is committed to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations – recognizing that reducing the environmental impact of our products, facilities, equipment, vehicles and overall operation is an important part of the value we deliver to our customers.

As a large scale transporter and distributor of frozen goods throughout Western Canada and the United States TransCold Distribution’s main concern and investments has been in reducing vehicle emissions and controlling waste via dedicated recycling programs.

A large step in reducing emissions regularly associated with frozen deliveries has come from installing Dole Plate freezers in delivery trucks. This technology uses eutectic steel plates, which are charged overnight by an electric powered refrigeration compressor.

The compressor charges a re-usable eutectic solution inside the plates which, once charged, keeps the trucks cold during an entire day of deliveries. Unlike regular refrigerated trucks, which must run inefficient emissions generating on board generators at all times to keep things cold, Dole Plate trucks require no emissions generating input to be charged.

In addition to using eutectic plates, efforts are always being made by TransCold to optimize truck loads and delivery schedules in attempts to reduce the amount of trucks in daily use.