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The Driving Force Behind Our POS Branding
84% of consumers make unplanned purchases; our POS trigger that desire…

Our brands and products need to be merchandised perfectly, in order to not only drive consumers to our Cabinets but also ensure they buy our Ice Cream, and keep coming back for more.

Ice Cream is an impulse driven category so making Ice Cream available and visible is key to capturing customer’s attention and increased sales. TransCold actively partners with our customers to improve sales through effective merchandising techniques. We work with you to help you execute the “Perfect Store” – a proven approach that sets our standards for product mixes and merchandising.

(Perfect store creates a method, a discipline with rules that can be applied everywhere. Perfect store sets our standards of execution and as such focuses the entire OOH organization (Route to Market) and daily execution with perfection.)

Our POS uses irresistible, mouth watering imagery to drive these impulse purchases in your stores!

Grab Attention

Large enough to see from a distance
Have displays outside the store
Position them in view of foot traffic

Arouse Intrigue

Display point of sale items clearly
Display promotions and deals
Guide the customer to the product

Make Sales

Stock ice cream all year round
Always have the best sellers
Make sure your freezer is easy to find


4 Baskets

Width 38.75″ x Depth 25″ x Height 34″

5 Baskets

Width 48″ x Depth 25″ x Height 34″

6 Baskets

Width 58″ x Depth 25″ x Height 34″

7 Baskets

Width 68″ x Depth 25″ x Height 34″

USG 22 Upright

Width 26.5″ x Depth 26″ x Height 62″

3D IARP 553

Width 30″ x Depth 31.75″ x Height 79″

Novelty AM34

Width 33.5″ x Depth 16.5″ x Height 38″
1 Basket 4 Dividers


Width 23.5″ x Depth 24.25″ x Height 36″

Point of Sale Branding

Our Promise To You And Your Freezer

To keep it clean and ice free.
To make sure your products are properly tagged.
To make sure your products are properly priced.
To maintain your “Ice Cream Service” sticker.
To make sure your freezer is properly merchandised.
To make sure a plan-o-gram is provided for optimal sales.

Causes & Remedies for Freezer Malfunction

Q. Is the freezer unplugged?

A. Make sure there is power in the outlet, and that plug is properly inserted into it. Do not worry if the sides of the freezer feel warm.

Q. Does the freezer have its own circuit?

A. We recommend that it does. If you are using an extension cord, please ensure that it is no longer than 2 feet in length.

Q. Is your freezer making too much noise?

A. Make sure the fan is not blocked, that all screws and bolts are tight and that the freezer is properly leveled.

Q. Is there a tripped breaker or blown fuse?

A. Check fuse box.

Q. Does the cabinet have dust build up?

A. Call your Representative for dust removal service.

Q. Does the cabinet have ice build up?

A. Call your rep for de-icing service.

Q. What is the temperature control setting?

A. It should be set to 6.

Is the freezer located in an excessively warm area? If so relocate. DO NOT expose freezer to direct sunlight. Place freezer on FLAT surface. Leave at least 6 inches around the freezer for proper ventilation. DO NOT block the top of the freezer.