TransCold Distribution also specializes in storage services and warehousing consolidation for both frozen goods and dry products.

Our modern, secure facilities across Western Canada and the United States maintain the highest standards of safety and reliability. Whether it’s one pallet for a couple of days or dozens on a long term basis – TransCold has the storage solution to best fit your needs.
Our inventory management controls, product tracking systems and logistical staff ensure 100% up-to-date information and reliability with your stored products. TransCold Distribution has invested heavily in all of our facilities and warehousing equipment to ensure the most optimal storage conditions are provided for your products.

TransCold Distribution will receive your inbound shipment – TCD is exceptionally flexible in terms of delivery style, hours and procedures. After receiving your products they will be securely wrapped to pallets, properly tagged and stored away on our racking systems. TransCold Distribution also offers consolidated picking of your products, shipping arrangements and much more.

Storage & Warehousing Consolidation Services:

Receiving, Palletizing, Shrink Wrapping, Tagging, Storing, Picking, Shipping and Third Party Logistics.

TransCold Distribution`s storage services save you time, money and space. For further TransCold Distribution logistic’s information and queries, please contact:

Curtis Wright – Director of Logistics

Ph: 949.298.4430 or Toll free:1.888.259.8891 Email: